National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India and Intel India have designed a National Challenge - ‘Ideate for India – creative solutions using technology’

The aim of this challenge is to give young students of our country a platform and opportunity to become ‘solution creators’ for the problems they see around them and their communities. This initiative will allow the participants to gain a basic understanding on ‘Skills of the Future’ such as design thinking, ideation - idea generation, making, do-it-yourself concepts, collaboration etc.

The objective of this National Challenge is to empower youth and enable them to create a difference in their community-

  • By skilling them to reimagine solutions to solve local critical issues
  • By inspiring them to become future technology creators and innovators by developing indigenous solutions
Key Features
  • The challenge will be implemented at national level - open to school students from classes 6 – 12 across the country
  • There will be 11 core theme areas across which students can share their ideas/solutions
  • There will be 2 categories - Junior (classes 6–8) and Senior (classes 9-12)
  • In phase I – Students will access curated online videos and submit their proposed solutions/ideas in an online format as a video. Top 10 ideas will be shortlisted from each State and UT – leading to a total of 360 students
  • In phase II - 10 children selected as top performers per State and UT will be invited for a regional Tech-Creation Boot Camp.
  • Each group of 5 students will be escorted by their computer teacher/ guardian for the boot camp. Travel, accommodation and boarding for students and guardians will be taken care of by the organisers
  • In phase III - 50 students will be selected based on their tech-creations being implemented in the community and invited to New Delhi for the National Showcasing and felicitated as Tech-Creation Champions.
  • Please note: All tools, materials and logistics for boot camps and national showcase will be taken care of by the organisers.

Core Theme Areas for the Challenge :

For the purposes of this national challenge, students will need to share their ideas in any of the below mentioned core themes areas:-

  1. Healthcare services.
  2. Education services
  3. Environment (For example: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Water Conservation, Pollution - water/air/land, noise, e-waste. single use of plastic etc.)
  4. Women Safety
  5. Traffic
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Agriculture
  8. Social Welfare
  9. Disability
  10. Tourism
  11. Digital Services


    The challenge will have three phases

    Phase I
    • Students access online learning content
    • Submit their Idea through a 90 seconds video sharing proposed solution in any of the 11 core theme areas
    • Receive an online participation certificate for viewing featured learning content and appreciation certificate for idea submission
    • An external panel of judges and mentors evaluate the submitted ideas
    • 10 students per State/ UT get selected
    • Total 360 students get invited for phase II
    Phase II
    • 5 residential boot camps will be organised across North, South, East, West and North- East India
    • Each camp will be of 4 days with face to face judging interviews
    • Mentoring will be provided post boot camp to ensure the ideas mature as prototypes
    • 50 students will get selected and invited to a national event for showcasing the prototypes implemented in communities
    Phase III
    • Top 50 students attend and present prototypes at the national showcasing event and will be declared as Tech Creation Champions
    To know more about the challenge, phases etc. please cilck here