School Education Department carries out three main functions, viz. regulatory, operational and directive through the Secretariat, Directorate and Inspectorates and Subordinates.
The Directorate of School Education located at Mc Donald Hill, Zarkawt, Aizawl looks after Elementary, Secondary, Higher Education, Language Development, Adult Education and Physical Education within the State. As per census of Govt. employees 2008, the Department of School Education is the biggest department consisting of around 33% of the entire Govt. work force in Mizoram. The Department is headed by the Director under whom there are one Additional Director and two Joint Directors who are responsible for different activities. For administrative convenience the Joint Directors are assisted by 7 Deputy Directors.
School Education Department deals with Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Teacher Education, Adult Education, Hindi Education and Physical Education.

For queries contact:

1. K. Lalrinzuali
2. James LalrinchhanaAddl. Director0389-2310325
3. C. HrangthuamaJoint Director0389-2313031
4. LalhmachhuanaJoint Director0389-2315268
5. LalramthangaDeputy Director (Adm)0389-2315304
6. Dr. LalzahawmaDeputy Director (Accounts)0389-2327801
7. ZohminglianaDeputy Director (Secondary)0389-2324798
8. Zoliani HnamteDeputy Director (M)0389-2316844
9. Lallianzuali BawitlungDeputy Director (P)0389-2324844
10. LalchungnungaDeputy Director (Hindi)0389-2315267
11. LianzualaDeputy Director (AE)0389-2313277
12. Receptionist (EPABX)

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