In order to reform the system of education in the State of Mizoram, the Government of Mizoram set up the Education Reforms Commission on May 8, 2009 to recommend ways and means to raise standards of education and improve its quality. The Commission submitted its report to the Government on July 30, 2010. The Commission’s terms of reference were wide ranging, covering all sectors of education, namely, pre-school, elementary, secondary, higher and professional education. A wide spectrum of issues including quality of education in relation to academic achievement of students and performance level of schools, drastic reduction of school dropout, development of skills for wage and self-employment through vocationalization of education, rejuvenating curriculum reform process, language development, education in universal human values, overhauling the system of governance, have been reflected upon in the report of the Commission. The very setting up of this Commission is a pointer to the expectations the State has from the reformed system of education in the State. This is one State in the Country which can be legitimately credited with this pioneering decision.

The work strategy adopted by the Commission included commissioning position-cum-issue papers on various sectors of education, thematic concerns needing special attention and the status of educational institutions in the State. In addition to obtaining relevant information and eliciting views and opinions through analytical papers, the Commission collected a lot of information through 25 structured questionnaires on all aspects of education in the State of Mizoram. The other strategy adopted by the Commission was interaction with a stakeholders to add on to its understanding of various issues relevant to education in Mizoram. The Commission also visited institutions to have an actual feel of the ground realities. This included Mizoram University, Colleges of General Education, Teacher Education Institutions, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institute, SCERT, MBSE and different categories of schools. It studied relevant Acts, Government Notifications, Policy Documents, Reports of Committees and Research Reports.

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The Report of Mizoram Education Reforms Commission 2010 was further streamlined by a Group of Experts (GoE), set up on September 24, 2010 and the latter submitted its report on February 14, 2011. The Group consists of:-

1. Mr. R Laltawnga as the Chairman

President (Rtd), Mizoram Board of School Education

2 Dr. J V Nunchunga as the Secretary

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, Govt. J. Thankima College, Aizawl

and other 3 members from Mizoram University, namely

1 Prof. Margaret Ch Zama, Dept. of English,

2 Prof. Lianzela, Dept. of Economics, and

3 Dr. Lalhmasai Chuaungo, Associate Professor, Dept of Education.

The terms of reference for the GoE are:-

1. To scrutinsie and make recommendations to the government

2. To determine the actions necessary to be taken on priority

3. To prepare a road map for implementation of the Report of Mizoram Education Reforms Commission, 2010

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