School Education Department hnuaia Group D Muster Roll mi 54 lakna tura Advertisement tihchhuah tawh chu “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016” in a sawi angin Disable quota Post 3 (pathum) a awm avangin dilna form lakchhuah leh thehluh theih hun Ni 3 June thleng tih chu Ni 14 June, 2019 thleng pawh sei a ni.


Disable quota dil theih chu hetiang mite hi an ni:


1.     Visually Impaired (Low vision/Blind)              -        1 Post

2.     Hearing Impaired (Partially Deaf)                   -        1 Post

3.     Locomotors Disability                                       -        1 Post

-         One Arm affected (R or L)

-         One Leg affected (R or L)




Director of School Education

Mizoram : Aizawl