RMSA is a scheme which has been introduced to bridge the gap between Elementary and Higher education. In the past few years, Elementary education has greatly been uplifted with the induction of SSA Mission, and this has in turn created a demand for expansion and introduction of Secondary education in unserved and underserved regions of the state. It was at this juncture that the centrally sponsored scheme RMSA was commenced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD)and this scheme for universalization of Secondary education was also launched in Mizoram, and the people of the State have been awakened and are surging forward, making great headway in developing and improving Secondary education. The commitment of the Govt. of India to universalize access of H/S and HSS has proved to be very beneficial for a poor and remote state as Mizoram.

With the approval of Govt. of Mizoram, a society viz. Mizoram Education Mission Society (MEMS) has been set up to undertake various schemes under the department. CSS like RMSA, Girls Hostel School, Model School, SSA, NPEGEL and KGBV are under the umbrella of the MEMS. Under this society, various officers are deputed for implementation of the schemes in addition to their normal duties at the state as well as at district levels. As many as 3000 contract engagement including teachers and resource persons has been done under the schemes. Contribution sharing pattern of these CSS between centre and state is 90:10 for North Eastern states of India during the 11th Five Year Plan.

At the first year of implementation of RMSA scheme in Mizoram during 2009-10, following achievement has been made:

Construction of 23 new Secondary Schools at plinth, lintel and roof levels.

Finalization of drawing and estimates for Strengthening of 154 existing Secondary Schools. These schools will be provided with additional classroom, integrated science laboratory room, art and craft room, library room and separate toilet blocks for boys and girls and laboratory equipment.

Distribution of Annual School Grant to 199 existing Govt. Secondary Schools.

Distribution of Minor Repair grant to 123 existing Govt. Secondary Schools.

5-day in-service teacher training for 2438 Govt. and Govt. Aided teachers.

Strengthening of offices at state and district levels.

In order to achieve universalization of Secondary Education in Mizoram, and keeping in mind various problems and issues like uneven distribution of secondary schools, high cost of material, insurgency problem all along the borders, access and retention problem due to sparsely populated and scattered habitations, short fall of subject specific teachers, inadequate open schooling facility etc., the department has designed well strategies and set forth targets for the year 2010-11 as below:

Opening of 32 new secondary schools through upgradation of existing Upper Primary Schools.

Strengthening of 54 existing Govt. Secondary schools by providing additional classrooms, science lab with laboratory equipment, computer lab, art and craft room, library, toilet blocks and drinking water facility.

Construction of 126 residential quarters for female teachers posted in rural areas.

Major repair grant for 12 dilapidated schools.

Distribution of Annual School Grant to all Govt. Secondary Schools including previous year opened schools.

Distribution of Minor Repair Grant to all existing Govt. Secondary Schools.

In-service and induction training for existing Govt. and Govt. Aided Schools and newly appointed teachers.

Appointment of teachers for 23 previous year opened schools.

Appointment of lab attendant for all Govt. Secondary Schools.

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