SSA is a comprehensive and integrated flagship programme of Govt. of India, to attain Universal Elementary Education (UEE) in the country in a mission mode. Launch in 2000-01 in partnership with the State Govt., it aims to provide useful and relevant education to all children in the 6-14 age groups by 2010. The sharing ratio between Govt. of India and State Govt. (especially for NE states) in the 11th Five Year Plan is 90:10.

In order to achieve the aims given above, the State Implementation Society (SIS) formulates Annual Work Plan and Budget for every year.

The salient features of the Plan are as under:

i) Integration of Class VIII into existing Upper Primary Schools.
ii) Salary of Primary and Upper Primary Teachers.
iii) Provision of grant for Teaching Learning Material, School and Maintenance.
iv) Maintenance cost of Block Resource Centre, Cluster Resource Centre and Urban Resource Centre.
v) Teacher training for in-service, newly recruited and untrained teachers.
vi) Provision of back to school camp, residential and non-residential bridge course for out of school children.
vii) Provision of Free Text Books to all Govt. and Govt. Aided children.
viii) Provision of aids and appliances for disabled children.
ix) School infrastructural development.
x) Research and evaluation.
xi) Administrative cost of state and district offices.
xii) Provision for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Equity and Computer Aided Learning.
xiii) Provision for education of girls at Educationally Backward Block viz. National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL) and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya (KGBV).

In addition to this, with the result of subsumption of RTE into SSA, the PAB again approved an amount of Rs. 3227.38 lakh for implementation of activities under RTE-SSA during the year 2010-11 as highlighted below:

i) Appointment of Part-time Instructor for Art, Health and Physical Education.
ii) Strengthening of BRC by appointment of additional personnel.
iii) Replacement of furniture and maintenance of BRC.
iv) Augmentation of training facility in BRC.
v) Replacement of furniture and maintenance of CRC.
vi) Integration of Class VIII into existing Upper Primary School (balance to cover all existing UPS).
vii) Teaching Learning Equipment to cover all integrated Class VIII.
viii) Research & Evaluation.
ix) Provision of uniforms for all Govt. and Govt. Aided children.
x) Residential schools for 2 minority districts viz. Lawngtlai and Mamit District.
RTE-SSA budget has been approved only in the month of October 2010, thus, no release has been made from Govt. of India as well as from State Govt.

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